Coffey’s Coffee Home

Coffey’s Coffee specializes in Dark Roasted coffee. I believe in developing the natural flavor of coffee by fully caramelizing the natural sugars to give a dark rich bitter sweet flavor that real coffee drinkers are looking for. Some of the more expensive coffees of the world brag about the tea-like qualities of the coffee when roasted to a light city or cinnamon roast. I say if you want tea-like qualities then drink tea. If you are looking for a cup of coffee that is rich, black and bitter sweet then you are in the right place. If you think that a double-double cup of Timmy’s is the perfect coffee for you then you should go back to playing solitaire.

If you’ve still reading then I haven’t scared you off. Good!


Until now my little roasting world has included a small room where I keep my roaster, coffee beans and packaging material, and my computer where I received orders by email. My ordering and roasting routine has been very casual since all of my customers have been friends, relatives and former co-workers who appreciate my style of coffee. Sales and marketing have been by word of mouth and giving free samples to interested parties. That was the way I liked it because I also had a day job that kept me very busy. I roasted coffee as a hobby and a way to unwind. I sold it to other people so I could buy more varieties of bean in greater quantity at more reasonable prices. Now I want to increase my stress level by offering my coffees to the world.

Fresh Roasted On Demand

I don’t keep a stock of roasted coffee beans. I stock green beans only. After coffee is roasted the flavor starts to deteriorate almost immediately so I roast your coffee when you order it and get it to you as soon as possible. I want you to enjoy the amazing flavor of fresh roasted coffee.

Custom Roasted

Many coffee connoisseurs already know how they want their coffee roasted. You can tell me how to roast your coffee. If you want a specific type of green coffee bean I will try to find it for you. Please keep in mind that if you ask me to get you 5 lbs of Kona ($45 per lb. green) and roast it to a light City Roast, I’ll probably suggest that you save your money to buy gasoline for your Mercedes.


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