I’m Still Hosting!

A week has gone by since my past post. I have hosted another old time radio show and I thought it went pretty well. I took the time to research the programs a little more and I wrote a bit of a script for myself. Actually I only wrote the intro and then I wrote the rest while the old radio programs were playing. This week I played one episode of Sherlock Holmes and one of Bold Venture. I think I sounded a little bit more professional. What did you think?

I learned something new this week. You will probably think it is pretty ordinary and a little behind the times but I learned how to use an instant message program. I needed it to communicate with Jamie while the radio was on the air and my programs were running. It is actually a lot of fun. I can’t see doing it on a dailey basis but in this specific case I found it handy.

Next weekend I am going to attend the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Trade Show. This will be my third year and, to be honest, I wasn’t going to participate this year. I decided to go to it because the chamber was thinking of cancelling the show but decided to still advertise it and see how many vendors wanted to participate. Well, it’s a go and now I am committed, to be at the show that is, not to some institution. Also next week I am ending my dailey attendance at Island Ink Jet. I will still provide them with coffee and they still want to sell my coffee (at a markup for their profit).

So that is my news for this week. I hope someone reads it and maybe even leaves a comment?


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