A New Career?

I don’t really think that I have started a new career but it was exciting. I hosted, (at least I think I hosted it, it’s kind of hard to tell), my first Old Time Radio program on Tuesday night, April 13th. If you want to listen to it fast forward to about 60 min into the program if you don’t want to listen to the Vigina Hour. Of course it was Seawayradio.com, which is part of the company that I have a small interest in. Who else would give me an opportunity like that?

I may sound a bit confused but that is because this radio is not your traditional over-the-air broadcast which you tune in on your car radio. It is strickly an internet blogcast thing. We do it live and then it is available as a podcast at any time after that. We are not even in the same room when we do it. Jamie is at his house controlling the output and I was on the phone talking. It got a little confusing once and we did have a few technical difficulties but we will get better, that is if I get the chance.

So when my program came up after the Vigina Hour, I talked a little about the Golden Age of Radio and introduced the two shows that we were going to play. We played an episode of The Shadow and one of The Green Hornet. After the end of the second show I got off the air and Jamie finished off the night with a little music. The next morning I replayed my segment of the nights program and listened to my performance. All I could think of is who is that faint, tinny voiced dork. I don’t think I am going to stop roasting coffee anytime soon.

I don’t have any pictures this time but I do have a link for my broadcast.

One of these days I will figure out what I want to do when I grow up!


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