Stalking Liberals

The past few days has been busy for me, not that I have been selling a lot of coffee or service cups of coffee. I have spent more time attending political news events and reporting on them and going to a new steering committee meeting for the fledgling S.D.& G. Food Council. I can’t really comment on the Food Council because we are just starting to get our feet under us but I have pictures from the two other events.

MPP Yasir Naqvi; Barb Scott, President of the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce; Cam Martel, past President

The above picture is from the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce (SSCC) annual general meeting. I am not a member of that chamber but as a member of the South Stormont chamber I was invited to attend. The SSCC always invites someone interesting to give a small speach at the end of their agenda and this year it was the Ottawa Central MPP Yaser Naqvi. He was trying to convince all the small business owners in the room that the new Harmonized Sales Tax is a good thing. I tend to agree with him.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and MPP Jim Brownell

The picture above is from the second news event that I went to. Actually the names are reversed and I don’t know how to fix it without starting all over again. It was an announcement by the Premier of Ontario and a photo op for him and a bunch of other politicians. He was making a big deal about a bunch of contracts for green energy and I was there as part of the mighty Cornwall Free News news team. Anyway, I took a bunch of still pictures and the rest of the team took videos and asked questions. I guess you could call me a news hanger-oner (if that is a real word).

So that is my news for the week. I’m all worn out now. That is a lot of excitment for an old guy. I think I will take it easy today and enjoy a beer or two, after I get home of course.


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