Complaint City

I just opened up the Island Ink-jet Store and started to brew some coffee. A lady was sitting in a van (which is in much need of a new muffler) outside the store. When she sees me turn the open sign on she jumps out of the store and comes in and demands a hot cup of water. To start with my coffee machine wasn’t hot yet, and she was a little rude, so I told her it would take 15 or twenty minutes for the water to be ready. To be honest I couldn’t easily get hot water out of my coffee brewer but I do have a kettle in the back and if she had been a little pleasanter I would have heated some water for her, but I didn’t. There are just too damn many people in this one horse town who feel entitled to free stuff from vendors without even considering the cost.

It was a bad way to start the day off and now I’m in a very negative mood. I have come to observe that generally the people of the SD&G area complain constantly about not having access to better quality goods and service but are unwilling to pay for them. I have seen so many small businesses start up offering what they think the general population want, only to close after a year because of lack of sales. The Chamber of Commerce touts the organizations goal of increasing business for the city, but in reality the old boys like things the way they are. If new successful businesses move in to the area then they might loose status and possibly income. Team Cornwall should coin the phrase “Unless you can sell it cheap, cheap, cheap, you will fail. Come to Cornwall to sell your crap.”

OK, I feel better now. Nothing like a good rant to start the day off.


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