More Notoriety and SSP

This is becoming quite a habit for me. I think I like this blogging stuff just a little bit too much.

My reason for blogging today is another new event in my life. I have just been interviewed on the radio. OK it’s a web radio, and I am an investor in it, and it is an outright overt SSP (shameless self promotion), but hey it’s still radio and I get to hear my own voice.

So if you want to hear me, you can click on this link or go right to the web service at this link.

If you select the episode named, “Our official 1st show……” and listen for an hour or so you will hear me talk about my business. If you hang in there you will hear a rather eclectic selection of music but you can drag the grey bar (difficult to see) on the player to about 62:00 you will hear me.


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