Saturday News And Views

Here we are again. It’s another Saturday afternoon at the store in Downtown Cornwall and I’m waiting for 4 oclock to come so I can go home. There was a heavy snowfall this morning and by heavy I mean wet not necessarily a large quantity. The sun is shining now and I hope that all that slushy stuff will be gone by the time I get home.

BIG NEWS….. I seem to have started another carreer, that of a journalist. I have now had one whole story published. If you check out the story at the other end of this link you will see what I mean. It helps that I own a small interest in the digital newspaper and there was no real journalist available.

Not such big news……..

I would like to mention that, once again, I did not win the big lottery last night. If I had you wouldn’t be reading anything from me for quite a while. I would be on my way to the happiest place in Canada, the OLG office on Bloor St in Toronto. Ahh, now that is where dreams are really made.

Oh, a quick observation from the front of the store, a couple of senior ladies just walked by and one of them had her tongue sticking out while she walked. I don’t mean she stuck her tongue out but she was walking with her tongue out. It seemed a little strange…and it wasn’t a pretty tongue….kind of old and wrinkled….it was a little freaky! After she walked by the wind suddenly picked up and my spinning sign suddenly went into overdrive. It is bouncing down the sidewalk after her. I better go catch it.

OK, I’m back. There are a lot of weird things in Cornwall but then maybe it’s just me. I have been told I am weird, among other adjectives. Some of the stories that I’ve written have caused some people to ask what I have been smoking to which I reply the only smoke I inhale is from my coffee roaster. I have sold some coffee just on that statement alone.

Now it’s raining outside and my sign is starting to dance again. I’ll finish off this post now and go chase it down.


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  1. Posted by Lisa C on March 17, 2010 at 12:44 AM

    Nice article Uncle Reg. I just read an article ( I can’t remember where) that said it is better to buy organic (even if it’s from Australia) than to buy non-organic local produce.

    I wonder if the possible pesticide is a greater energy/environmental sink hole than hauling a bag of apples from New Zealand?


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