Hello world!

Hello there everyone! This is Reg Coffey writing his first blog. I have just come back from a “Breakfast Connections” meeting here in Cornwall and the topic of discussion was blogging using WordPress. Alyssa Blais was the presenter and she did such a good job that I was inspired.

Being an investor in the Cornwall Free News, I should be familiar with the program and process since the paper is probably one of the biggest users of WordPress in the area. However my participation in the business has been more of an investor than journalist or administrator, but my goal here is to change that.

My main topic of discussion is going to be, of coarse, coffee. I will try to stay away from shamless self-promotion but my topics will cover the area of coffee culture, that is drinking coffee, coffee beans, coffee growing, coffee culture, the politics of coffee, coffee promotion, the statistics of coffee drinking, etc. This is my chosen profession and my passion. I may have started this career later in life but I have jumped in with both feet.

I will also include some of my weekly observations on what is happening in the Cornwall DBIA. I am fortunate to have an outlet on Pitt St, just two stores north of Riley’s Bakery. There is always something interesting happening on the street even if it is just another great soup from Rileys.

So, here it is, my first blog. I will be adding to it on (hopefully) a weekly basis, that is if Jamie lets me.


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  1. Posted by Anne on February 23, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    Enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to hearing what is happening on Pitt Street. Remember when it used to be the main drag and teens went there to see and be seen? (pre malls) Of course, you couldn’t have had an internet cafe then as there was no internet. Keep posting.


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